• How To Choose A Good Electric Nail Drill

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    How To Choose A Good Electric Nail Drill | E-file
    Why we have to use Nail Drill? A must-have for manicure or pedicure. A Nail drill is nail technicians’ best buddy. It is a manicuring device that is made with a handpiece and replaceable bits.     via GIPHY Using a nail drill allows one to create a perfect manicure comfortably and efficiently once the rotating bits are gently applied to the nails, including the...
  • 6 Best Valentine’s Day Nail Art Ideas

    6 Best Valentine’s Day Nail Art Ideas
    Romantic time is approaching. When it comes to celebrating the day of love, it’s time to bring a little extra beauty to your fingertips. Check out our top picks and wear your love on your nails. These stunning designs are the perfect way to stand out this Valentine’s Day and will have you feeling the love anytime. Heart of Love Wearing your heart on...
  • We Need You! Testing Now...

    We Need You! Testing Now...
    Breaking News! MelodySusie’s Testing Program is Launching! Right, we'd love to get more feedback about our products from you guys. So, if you have any social media and would like to share MelodySusie with your lovely followers, don’t hesitate to enter our program and have a chance to get a FREE product. The first testing product is Pro18W/36W Switching LED/UV Nail Lamp, which has...
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