Doing Autumn Manicure Easily with MelodySusie 2022 Fall Collection

Doing Autumn Manicure Easily with MelodySusie 2022 Fall Collection

When it comes to nail art, we always think of a series of related keywords such as emotions and outfits, and the ‘season’ is undoubtedly one of them. With autumn approaching, many nail art lovers prefer to use warm colors to do autumn manicures. It seems like this is the innovating process according to specific themes. MelodySusie also always focuses on turning new ideas and innovations into pretty but simple manicure tools, to help nail lovers make more outstanding nail art and bring your nail salon home.

The manicure tools kit I'm going to introduce today is perfect whether you use it at home or in a nail salon. Not only the performance is impeccable, but the appearance and convenience are advantages that cannot be ignored. You can use this manicure tools kit to create any nail art you want, and it will save you time and money while satisfying your creativity.

Instructions alone are obviously not convincing enough, today, we're going to share a complete guide for doing the fall gel nails. You can learn more about these products while seeing the manicure process.

Step 1. Get ready with the nail tools

MR5-Rechargeable Nail Drill 35,000 RPM


- High-power motor up to 35,000 RPM
- Intelligent LCD screen
- Left and right directions
- Distinctive "Mermaid" texture



- Most suitable colors for fall manicures
- Silky texture
- Long-lasting

X3-3 in 1 Nail Drill with Nail Art Lamp


- 360-degree rotatable design
- Flexible and precise
- Detachable 15,000 RPM nail drill

Nail Dust Collector- PINK


- 100% dust free
- Low noise
- Replaceable filter
- Irresistible pink

MelodySusie Nail Tips


- More shape options
- Easier-to-store packaging
- Friendly to beginners

Step 2. Remove your original manicure

If you did the extension with acrylic powder or poly gel before, which is difficult to remove with the nail file, please use the nail drill to deal with it.

Step 3. File your own fingernails

If you are new to using a nail drill and are afraid of hurting your nails, try lowering the drill speed and using a safety bit.

Step 4. Apply the nail tips

Considering that this article may be read by some beginners, we choose to use the simplest nail extension method, the full-cover nail tips.

Step 5. Simple fall nail art steps

5.1 Apply the base coat

No need to buy another base coat, MelodySusie 24+4 gel polish kit already includes a base coat and two kinds of top coats - matte and glossy.

5.2 Apply the nail gel polish

To prevent uneven coloring or exposing the underlying nail tips, we recommend that you need to apply at least two coats of nail gel polish.

5.3 Apply the top coat

In order to keep the manicure for a long time, please be sure to apply the top coat. Here we have decided to use the matte top coat.

5.4 Create your own autumn style

You can draw some patterns you like in this step or stick some diamonds/stickers you like. Now is your time to create!

Step 6. Keep your hands moisturized with hand cream

Don't forget to use hand cream after doing manicures, since hands would easily become dry after using the UV lamp. Especially in the dry autumn season, please be sure to use hand cream.

Now Enjoy Your Just Finished Nail Art!

The Final Takeaway

What is the most important step in a manicure?

Absolutely filing. Like building a house, the foundation determines whether a house is solid or not. Filing is the same. Filing will keep the manicure on your hands for a longer time.

Are nail files safer than nail drills?

No. It's easy to grow dead skin around your nails if the cut wasn’t smooth and the nail drill can ensure that the process is smooth and balanced. As we mentioned above, you could try lowering the drill speed and using a safety bit if you are afraid of hurting your nails.

How long could manicures last?

Usually, you will need to change the manicure after 2-3 weeks, but you can shorten this date if you want to try multiple styles.

Why choose MelodySusie?

Instead of relying on existing products in the manicure market, we are constantly innovating according to the needs of customers. We strictly control the quality and appearance. Everyone could enjoy manicures at home is our pursuit.

We are still celebrating our 13 Years with a Month of Nail Specials.  Don't miss out!

More fun and amazing discounts are waiting for you!


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The pink Dust collector from MelodySusie is a total game-changer, girls! I can finally enjoy my mani-pedis without worrying about the dust and debris.



Fall is my favorite season for nail art. :)



Omg, MelodySusie’s 2022 Fall Collection is everything! I can’t get enough of their nail drill and dust collector. They make doing my autumn manicure sooo much easier!



Yep! Don’t forget to use the handcream after doing our nails.



This pink dust collector is soooo cute.

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