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Tips On Having A Mess-free Summer Vacation

18 July 2017 by - MelodySusie

It’s already mid-July and most of you are in full-blown summer vacation mode! If you’re planning a get-away soon, there are a couple things you can do in advance to make sure you’ve got a tidy, mess-free vacation. One of the most important things is making sure you’ve got the perfect toiletry bag to keep all of your cosmetics organized. You don’t want any to break, go missing or (gasp) spill!

So, here’s what a typical makeup stash looks like. Somehow, you’ve got to fit all of this in your bag…

Somehow, you’ve got to fit all of these goodies in your bag…

Hopefully the sight of this hasn’t made you cancel your trip, but rest assured! All you need is a great toiletry bag to keep it all together.

We introduce to you, the MeldoySusie Toiletry Bag.

This bag has 23 storage points of various size and construction, including mesh pockets, zippered compartments, elastic bands, etc. More than enough to pack all your makeup, toiletries, other beauty accessories into 1 beautiful bag!

It is made of durable, water-resistant 300D polyester, so you will never need to worry about getting your things wet while at the beach or while sitting on a hotel sink. It is also equipped with a hanging hook for you to hang in the restroom while getting dolled up.

You can either carry it by hand with the short loop handle or throw it over your shoulder with the adjustable shoulder strap. You can carry everything you need with comfort and style.

It comes in 4 lovely colors: macaron blue, black, peachy pink, and elegant rose.

MelodySusie Toiletry Bag is ranked the #1 toiletry bag by Top5reviewed.

You can also watch the video below for more details and watch how it can be used as a great diaper bag.

The black bag, our most popular color, is currently on Amazon Prime Week Sale for only $16.99. The other colors are at $17.99-18.99 with an original price of $45.99.

Grab your toiletry bag today, and travel smart with MelodySusie this summer.

For any questions about our Toiletry bag or travel tips to share, leave us a comment below or email us

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3 Replies


Love this bag, it has so much functions! Especially its now such a good price for only $16.99..gonna get one for myself and my bestie.


I love it as it can also be used as a diaper bag, and a toiletry bag..and to salon i think this would also be very useful.


This is going to be so userful to my summer vacation, always wanted a way to organize all my makeup stuff and toiletries in 1 bag!