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Pre-Halloween Quiz: Guess To Win 300 MelodySusie Halloween W...

21 September 2017 by - MelodySusie

It’s only a month to Halloween, and it is never too early to plan for your once-a-year big dress up event! Cosplaying your favorite or a famous character is one of the best inspirations for your costumes, but how familiar are you with the character’s appearance……details like hair color? Come test if you have keen eyes with this Pre-Halloween Quiz (from Sept 18-26, 2017)!


For those scored 8/8, you get a chance to win 1 of our 300 MelodySusie Halloween/Cosplay WigMade of high quality Japaneses silk and comfortable and easy to wear. More Cosplay colors available.



So let’s test if you have keep eyes.

What hair color is correct for the character?

Maggie, The Walking Dead


Sansa, Game of Thrones


Harley Quinn, Suicide Squad


Poison Ivy, Batman


Leeloo, Fifth Element


Moana, Moana


Hit-Girl, Kick-Ass  


Frenchy, Grease


Can you identify the correct color for the character?  We also got many comments on the scores the participants got. And apparently they are having lots of fun!


Again if you score 8/8, you get a chance to win 1 of the 300 MelodySusie Halloween Wigs! Come join the rest of the people and test if you really know your movies now! 


If you did not win one? Don’t worry, stay tuned for our upcoming SPIN TO WIN big Halloween Wig giveaway event in October and test your luck!

Liked one of the wigs already, you can visit us and get one for Halloween now!


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