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MelodySusie Website’s New Look!

04 August 2017 by - MelodySusie

MelodySusie website has a refreshed, new look!

The design team spent a total of 3 months working on the new website: 1 month doing research and planning and 2 months to make the actual changes. The new website has a completely new design, including a different logo, pictures, and interface. We have also improved the infrastructure and content, so it will be easier to find what you’re looking for.

Here are some significant changes we would like to highlight:

MelodySusie’s new VI

From the hundreds of different fonts, we carefully chose Raleway. This google font has an elegant sans-serif style; it adds a flavor of a young lady style to the logo. 

And the VI color becomes the simple white, black and rose quartz. The simple color combination gives the brand an elegant and fashionable look.


More precise categories

Under SHOP, you can find 4 categories: Gel nail polish, Manicure (nail lamps and drills), wigs and other beauty accessories. Notably, under gel nail polish, you can shop by our 8 collections. All of the lamps are grouped into LED, UV, and LED/UV Pro* categories for you to find the right dryer type.

*To know more details about the difference between LED and UV lamps, you can read this article: “UV and LED gels, do you really know the difference?”


We have also updated our super fun “COLORMATCH” function. Be sure to check it out! 

Gel Polish Color: Sky blue in Sweet Reverie Collection

This function will allow you test out how a particular nail polish color would look on your nails. This is how it works (you can also follow the numbers in the image):

①Choose your skin tone and nail length on the left panel.

②Find your favorite color by select by collection or color

③You can choose the color you like on the right.

④If you like the nail color and want to share with your friends or ask their opinions, you can choose to share



When we are attracted to the beautiful pictures on Instagram, we often also wonder what products did they use and where to get one. So we installed a shop Instagram page, where you can shop our products in-context. 

By clicking on the number in the image, you will see detail description of product:

Gel Polish Color: Timeless Muse Gel Collection

Some other cool things that you shouldn’t miss:

-Under blog, you can find nail tutorials and tips, the most recent nail design fashions, as well as MelodySusie’s hottest deals and newest products

-You can also apply for our free trial and be the first to experience our new beauty products!

What’s more? Register as a member and receive a 20% discount (new member-only).

One last thing… MelodySusie’s 8th Year Anniversary Super Sale is coming! It’s going to be our biggest sales event of the year. We are now hosting a fun quiz game. If you answer them correctly, you get a chance to win a prize!

Enter Quiz Here.

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3 Replies


Love the pink! and the new website design!


The color match function seems cool..this will allow me to preview the color on me before I buy one. such a cool function love it!


I love the new font and color, the pink is definitely one of my favorite color, wondering if you have the same gel color.