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MelodySusie Anniversary Quiz & Results – See How Far You Can...

25 August 2017 by - MelodySusie

For our 8th birthday this year, we created an “ungoogle-able” quiz on our social media platforms and it turned out much better than expected! We thought we’d share with you the questions to see if you can answer! Scroll past each question to see the answers and comment with results! If you already took the quiz, it might be interesting to see some of the more interesting or funny answers that some of the other users submitted.

Question #1:

Answer: They all have beds!

Did you guess correctly?

Here is what most people answered: 


Question #2:

Answer: Redheads!

How’d you do?

Here is what most people answered:


Question #3:

Answer: $1000

Did your math add up?

Here’s how most people answered:


Question #4:


1.Scooby Doo 2. Supernatural 3. Futurama 4. Game of thrones

Could you get them all?

Here’s how most people answered


Question #5:


1. Hit me baby one more

2. My baby shot me down

3. No woman no cry

99% of people got these answers correct! Maybe we made this one a little too easy… How’d you do? 


Question #6:


85% of people could find all of the differences. Could you spot them all?


Question #7:


MelodySusie Nail Design Ideas 

Could you find the right words? You might be unique! Only 8% of people got this one right! Here are some of the answers we saw:

-Gel manicure design melodysusie

-Melody Susie nail art

-MelodySusie nail art swatch

-Melodysusie nail art polish


Join our Facebook Influencer Group to see the discussions for each quiz question and tons of great conversation about beauty and nail care. Simply visit the page and click "request to join" and you’re in!

Answering all these quiz questions correct was not an easy task. But we still have 7 brilliant winners! 

Each of them receives our prize of a Red Wig (stylish long wavy, made of Japanese Silk, a perfect accessary for the coming Halloween!) and a Pro12W UV/LED Nail Lamp (cures both UV and LED gels, portably designed for home use).

We had a fun time creating this quiz so we hope you enjoyed participating! For our birthday, we also wanted to give back to our customers, so we are having a huge anniversary sale event going on now! Be sure to visit here so you can save big on some amazing nail and beauty care products. You don’t want to wait until it’s over! 

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