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    UV Shield LYCRA Gloves White

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    One size fits most & machine-washable

    Nylon 15% Spandex make it more elastic& Individually stitched fingers for flexibility

    UPF 50+ rating certified to block ultraviolet light (For use with both CFL & LED lamps)

    Soft and lightweight fabric built for comfort


    • Black  26x12x0cm
    • White
    • Amethyst

    US$ 9.99

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    MelodySusie - Bring Your Beauty Salon Home!

    MelodySusie UV Shield Glove - Get Your Hands Protected

    Do you like gel manicures but worry about the potential harms from ultraviolet light?

    The MelodySusie UV Shield Gloves has been proved to effectively block 99% of UV Rays, so you can enjoy your gel manicure without worrying about any possible skin or DNA damage from UV & LED lamps!

    Product Feature:
    UV-Free Gel Manicure
    UPF 50+ rating certified to effectively blocks 99% of UV Rays (A must-have for use with both UV & LED lamps!)
    One Size Fits Most

    Made with comfortable and elastic LYCRA materials: 85% Nylon 15% Spandex

    High durability and easy to wash


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