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    Manicure Work Lamp


    Manicure Work Lamp

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    Large light halo: It creates large illumination range so it is bright enough for you do to your gel nails well.

    Eye protection: The lamp is is adopted high quality LED chip with natural white light. The setting of dimmable brightness is also can help you to protect your eyes if you spend much time on doing manicure working.

    Modern design: Lamp ring can move freely along the bending arm, upwards or downwards, left or right. Can work independently after charging.

    Multiple functions: Dual USB ports on the base, very convenient to charge your nail drill, mobile phones or pad. Not only for manicure work lamp but also a good idea to use as a household lamp.

    Easy to assemble and operate: simple structure, two buttons to control the light, one on the base, and the other on the lamp ring.

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    MelodySusie - Bring Your Beauty Salon Home!
    Manicure Aide Lamp - non-flickering soft light for a stress free ideal manicuring environment!

    Product Highlights:
    The Peaceful Moment LED Lamp is a professional manicure work lamp. It is made of one circle, one curve and one arc in its appearance, non-flickering soft light for a stress free ideal manicuring environment.

    Stylish Design:
    adjustable halo enables you to direct the light on the most suitable height you need when doing manicure, making better results when you applying your gel polish on your nails.

    Dimmable brightness:
    Lamp that is dimmable with 2 levels of brightness, The light will turn ultra bright, slight bright, and off by pressing the round button. Gentle light provide a peaceful and relax sense.

    Two USB Sockets:
    USB sockets at the base of the magic lamp enable MelodySusie nail drill, iphone, mp3 and any other related devices you need in hand when doing a manicure.

    Material: Plastic (ABS,PC), Metal (Permanent Magnet)
    Light Lumens: 260~850 Lumens
    Light Color: Natural White
    Watts: 12W-3W
    Input Voltage: 100-240V AC/50-60Hz, DC 12V
    Input Current: 0.4A
    Operation Temperature: -10℃-60℃
    LED Lifetime: Up to 30,000 hours

    Package included:
    1x Lamp Base
    1x Lamp Ring
    1x Bending Arm
    1x Mini Screwdriver
    3x Screw
    1x User Manual


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