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Apple Makeup Brush Cleaner


Apple Makeup Brush Cleaner

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Unique design with great function - Unique apple shape design to make a special looking. The width of the opening is 2.76 inches, which is perfect for four fingers to fit in easily and hold the brush cleaner tightly.

Special silicon texture design - There are four silicon texture designed at the back of the makeup brush cleaner: right hand side design for washing and swirling, left hand side design for deep cleaning and refine.

Compact size & light weight - Size: 3.94 * 0.98 * 4.02 inches in Length * Width * Height. Weight: 0.17lb. A compact makeup beauty tool when travelling and a great choice as a gift for family and friends.

12 Months warranty Coverage - All MelodySusie® Makeup brush cleaners are covered by warranty for 12 months. We will work hard to put a smile back on your face whenever you have any inquiries.

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  • By Amanda
  • 2016-09-28

An apple a day...

I used, loved, and reviewed the palm-sized MelodySusie 'Beautieg' egg shaped model of brush cleaner, but why stop there? Apple shaped cleaners are the newest craze, so I took a closer look... Like their egg cleaner, the apple shaped one has a hollow design, so that the cleaner slides over all four fingers so that I have a good grip on it when it is wet. The half-apple shaped cleaner has four different patterned panels on one side; small granules, larger granules, crosses and stripes. I simply dampened my brushes, added baby shampoo, and held the apple under a tap whilst I swirled the brush against the textured panels = my brushes were cleaned in seconds.

I find that the granule patterns are best for eye brushes - bigger for looser product, then the smaller design for a deeper clean. The stripes and crosses are great for face brushes - stripes for loosening residue, then I swirl the brushes against the crosses for a deeper cleanse. I don't know why different types of brush work better on some shapes better then others, but after loads of playing around with this cleaner that's what I think works best.

I still really like the MelodySusie 'Beautieg' cleaner, but I'll keep it in my toiletry bag ready for the next time I'm away from home, as it cleans well, but the bigger apple has better deep-cleaning panels for day-to-day use.

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