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    MS712-Women's Black Long Curly Wig

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    1. Unique and stylish long hair wig looks like your real hair, natural pretty and feminine
    2. The color brightens your skin and makes you fashionable and charming
    3. These wigs are made of soft thick lustrous Kanekalon which are durable enough for long term use
    4. Easy to clean and take care
    5. Item also includes a MelodySusie wig cap to help you wear the wig and create a neat looking



    •  fp712 dark brown long curly
    • fp718 black long curly
    • fz503 black long straight
    • fp718 dark brown long curly
    • fp708 light brown long curly
    • fp710 dark brown long curly
    • fp711 flaxen long curly Wavy
    •  fp712 black long curly

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    • By (Color: FP712 Black Long Curly). Show all revi
    • 2016-08-30

    ... this wig for a cosplay costume and it was perfect. Just had to trim it to make it ...

    I used this wig for a cosplay costume and it was perfect. Just had to trim it to make it a tad shorter. Even when it was trimmed it still looked natural. I had compliments that the wig looked natural. Very happy with how it pulled my Jessica Jones cosplay together. Will defiantly buy this brand again.

    • By (Color: FP712 Black Long Curly). Show all revi
    • 2016-08-29

    Great wig for the the price!


    • By Ketty
    • 2016-08-29

    Thought it was real hair!!

    I was provided this wig for free in exchange for my review. I figured it would be a good wig for parties with Halloween approaching.I am seriously impressed with the quality of this wig and the feel of it. I thought it was REAL hair because it certainly feels like it, silky smooth. I admit, I did not read the product description and could not find it on the box. Only when I did the burn test (with fire) did I realize the hairs were synthetic. I'm impressed! In addition, you get a free hair net and a wig comb with each wig!I got this wig in blonde and black. The black looks VERY like natural Oriental Asian black hair. I could not feel the difference between my real hair and the wig! The color is very natural, too, and has highlights in the right places.I definitely recommend! Great for cosplay!

    • By (Color: FP712 Black Long Curly). Show all revi
    • 2016-08-26

    Easy to put on to adjust to your likings

    Five stars. Affordable. Soft. Full. Came with everything. Easy to put on to adjust to your likings. I would purchase all the colors for fun.

    • By (Color: FP712 Black Long Curly). Show all revi
    • 2016-08-25

    This is No Doubt Pure Quality

    This product arrives in a lovely box inside your find your hair piece located in a clear ziplocked bag, a wig comb, and wig cap. the packaging also has recommended care instructions inside. This wig is of a silky texture with a swoop feathered bang, and a small center portion of scalp. This is a quality hair piece for and exceptional price. And can be worn daily without major decrease of it's life span. It's very long, which i like. you can cut it to your desired length and still be beyond the shoulders should you choose to do so. This product does not have any combs or clips so it will have to be pinned to avoid slippage. I have also used light heat ( flat ironing ) i find it to look a little more realistic after doing so. I have not attempted to curl it with heat. but I do believe from what i have tried a roller set would work best for that. I love the shape and the layers. Also it does tangle easily, but doesn't shed horribly. And even if your a little ruff with the brushing it will literally be months before you can tell. This piece is easily worth more than is listed for, And believe me I certainly wouldn't lie. If your thinking of buying this hair, have no doubts and just do it. The best part is it actually gets better the older it gets.

    • By (Color: FP712 Black Long Curly). Show all revi
    • 2016-08-23

    Nice and reliable wig if taken care of right!

    I've had this wig for a year now (I posted this extremely late, I know, haha.) And I love it very much, it works well for the cosplays I do! The hair can get tangled a lot sometimes, but I do believe that's due to the texture of the wig, and the quality. But overall, as long as you take care of it, the wig will look nice for whatever you plan to do with it! I recommend this if you're starting out in cosplay or you're just doing a side-cosplay that you don't want to devote too much money to.

    • By (Color: FP712 Black Long Curly). Show all revi
    • 2016-08-22

    I actually really like this wig in black

    I actually really like this wig in black! I like to change up my hair a lot and wigs allow me to do that without the commitment. I sometimes miss when my hair was black, but can't seem to bring myself to take it back to that color permanently, so this wig is perfect for that. I really love the style and length and found that the wig is not heavy at all. I do style my wigs differently from time to time, but the natural style of this one allows me to style it the way I like it without the stitching underneath being seen. Know though, that up-dos aren't recommended because then the stitching definitely will show. But if you want to do a low braid or low pony tail, it covers nicely. I've even pulled back the sides a bit and did a half up style that worked.The wig came with a wig cap and wig comb. The wig comb is a very nice touch. I have a ton of wig caps, but companies who include combs is new to me. The comb is wide toothed and helps easily manage any tangles you may obtain in your wig without ribbing the fibers out of the stitching and ruining the wig like a regular comb would.I did receive this at no cost in order to thoroughly test and provide my honest opinion. Your thoughts and experience may vary from that of my own, of course.

    • By (Color: FP712 Black Long Curly). Show all revi
    • 2016-08-20

    Really nice quality just a little shiny I'll see what I ...

    Really nice quality just a little shiny I'll see what I can do to bring the shinyness down. Butbits really soft and I love it makes me feel like a princess!Thank you MeloduSusie!!

    • By (Color: FP712 Black Long Curly). Show all revi
    • 2016-08-13

    Decent Wig For The Price...

    This is the first time I have ever tried a wig and I have to admit it was fun! I have always had blond hair and wondered what it would be like with a different color and now I know. The wig is nice looking and I especially like the curls and it's so long it reaches down my daughter's back. (We both tried it on) It comes with a net to hold your hair in and a cute little comb that is perfect to smooth out the hair. The hair is not real but synthetic and if you look closely you can tell. But I think if you take some time with it, maybe trim up the bangs and shape it a little someone might think it's your real hair. There is not an over abundance of hair... the picture you see on the mannequin has all the hair pulled forward over both shoulders, but there is enough hair to have some in front and down the back. I did not try a curling iron on it or anything but it does comb out very nicely. I'd say it for the price it's a pretty good wig to have some fun with or maybe even dress up for Halloween or to surprise your husband one night when he walks in the door! Four stars.**I was asked to use this product then write an honest and unbiased review in an effort to help consumers make a more informed purchase decision. No form of compensation took place.

    • By (Color: FP712 Black Long Curly). Show all revi
    • 2016-08-10

    Teenage wig lover

    So I made a horrible mistake 2 years ago and cut my hair super short so I started wearing wigs . I love this one it feels great doesn't itch and looks amazing

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