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    Long Dark Brown Curly Wig-MS710

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    High quality: Made of imported South Korea lustrous synthetic fiber, which is very suitable for long term use.

    Adjustable size: There are two adjustment straps inside the wig, which can be intertwined to a fixed position to suit different head sizes.

    Daily & Cosplay Use: Very stylish design with natural pretty looking and soft touch. You can wear it to parties or for daily use.

    Package included: 1x MelodySusie wig + 1x MelodySusie wig comb + 1x MelodySusie wig cap.


    • fp718 black long curly
    • fz503 black long straight
    • fp718 dark brown long curly
    • fp708 light brown long curly
    • fp710 dark brown long curly
    • fp711 flaxen long curly Wavy
    •  fp712 black long curly
    •  fp712 dark brown long curly

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    • By Keaster
    • 2014-07-12

    High Quality Low Price

    I was very surprised by the quality of this wig considering the price. I've bought wigs that were more expensive and were lesser quality. The construction of the cap is excellent and the comfort band on the front is an added extra.I usually wear an average size and this wig does fit very snug. I feel confident knowing that this wig would will not come offaccidentally. If you wear a large size I would not recommend this one for you. The hair is very silky feeling and very long.The only reason I gave this item 4 stars instead of five is because of the confusion on the item numbers. They really need to give a better explanation of what each item number means. I thought I was getting a more full but instead I got one that was more flat to the head. (I mistakenly assumed that the numbers were different lengths of hair).Item arrived quickly and in good condition. I would buy another MelodySusie wig in a different style.

    • By  Lesleigh
    • 2014-06-08

    MelodySusie Beautiful Long Dark Brown Curly Wave Stunning wig.

    Beautiful Long wavy believable wig. Compares to units I've spent 75.00 -300.00 for! I get lot's of compliments on my "hair"... people tell me they would never believe it was a wig, until I told them. Very Light Light shedding, only when brushed. No fake shine, like most synthetics. Color is gorgeous. I got Dark brown and Light brown. Since It's so very long, use a wig spray detangler each night when you take it off and put it away, and it will keep the ends soft. It is heat friendly, so you can smooth the ends down every few weeks with your flat iron, and it will not damage it. I love mine, so this is the reason, this is the third one I have purchased, and most definitely not the last. I hope you enjoy yours as much as I have mine. You won't regret your purchase. When you receive the pretty little pink box, professionally packaged, you will be able to tell the difference at once! :)

    • By  Amazon Customer
    • 2014-06-02

    Love it! Definitely coming back!

    Way way way way better than I had even hoped! The wig is of delightful quality, nicer than some wigs I've spent thrice as much on. My long distance family all thought it was my actual hair! The shipping was super so speedy too and it comes with one of those nice wig caps that has the openings on both sides. I will definitely buy from this person again!

    • By  Carolyn
    • 2014-05-20

    Very nice wig

    I just bought this for a fun change, it's inexpensive as wigs go so I thought why not. I was pleasantly surprised, it's much better quality than I expected and I was very pleased with the purchase.

    • By trishdish
    • 2014-03-03

    What a wig!

    I ordered this wig for a play I was in for the weekend : Fiddler on the roof. So I didnt want to pay too much. I was very happy with this wig. It was lightweight and I love the color ( I ordered dark brown ) . The bangs and the top of the back was easy to take care of, but the bottom wavy part was hard to keep from tangling .. Next time I am going to order the straight one. If we do this play again. So I gave this wig a 4 star!
    Thanks, Trish

    • By  David Mayfield
    • 2013-12-28

    I recieved much more than I payed for

    Very thick and soft
    I straighten it
    crimp it
    curl it
    whatever i want and it holds up amazingly. The curls it comes with are gorgeous and both the wig cap(fishnet) and the wig comb that come with it work great. Not a lace front but the way the wefts are placed it looks very much like a lace front and nobody can tell its a wig! I love this wig. Surprisingly i like it even way better than a $150 wig i bought from another seller that was an actual lace wig.
    Im a cosmetologist who wear wigs on a daily basis and its perfect

    • By  E. Knox
    • 2013-11-25

    A Great Price for a Great Wig

    A great wig for the price. Only issue is that long hair wigs tend to tangle easily, and this one is no exception. I received several comments about how real the hair looked--it is a natural-looking shine, not a fake-hair shine.

    • By Crystal Finck
    • 2013-10-31

    Pretty decent wig

    It's okay. It is a wig and looks like one around the hairline. Would be great for a costume or cosplay. The hair itself looks real. Apparently I have a big head; I had a hard time getting it to stay on properly.

    • By  Verity21
    • 2013-10-23

    Looks just like real hair!

    I purchased this wig not for health reasons but because I needed it for a costume. I had previously purchased a fake synthetic wig at a costume store but wasn't happy with it. I really wanted something that looked real and would hold up so I could wear it again and again. What I like about this wig for one is the price, especially after looking else where not only on other websites but also on Amazon. After trying the wig on it fit perfectly and looked JUST like real hair. If I wore this out, not one would guess that it wasn't my real hair expect of course my friends and family. I love the color of the wig and the little curls which have a "bounce" to them. My wig also came with a comb and a wig cap which some on here said they didn't get. All in all, if you're someone who needs a wig for health reasons, I would highly suggest purchasing one of these. You can't beat that price!

    • By  Tori Lynn Digirolamo
    • 2013-02-13

    I really love this wig

    I'm so glad I bought this wig for a cosplay because it is amazing for the price. There are absolutely no tangles when I run my fingers through it like real hair, it's very soft and keeps its texture, and I can confirm that it is heat resistant.

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