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    Brush Egg Makeup Brush Cleaner (2 Pack)

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    (Only for US address)Makeup brush egg - MelodySusie beautieg makeup brush eggs are designed with wider opening and cleaning patterns, which are much better than any other brush eggs to clean your makeup brushes efficiently.

    Unique design with great function - The width of the opening is 2 inches, longer than any other makeup brush eggs, which is perfect for three fingers to fit in easily and to hold the items tightly. The tiny granules are used for cleaning small brushes and the stripes are designed for larger makeup brushes.

    Sweet color design - 2 Pack Design on sale. Package includes 1 light green, 1 baby pink makeup brush eggs, as well as 1 user manual.

    12 Months warranty Coverage - All MelodySusie® makeup brush cleaners - beautieg are covered by warranty for 12 months. We will work hard to put a smile back on your face whenever you have any inquiries.

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    • By Sheilaaa
    • 2016-07-31

    I love the two colors that it comes with

    I used to just buy a bunch of cheap make up brushes so that it would give me sometime before I would have to wash them... haha. But these brush cleaners make it a lot easier to scrub deep into the brush.I currently use this bar of soap and what I do is I wet my make up brush under water, rub it back and forth on my bar of soap, and then i place this brush cleaner on my pointer and middle finger, and I swirl the brush with soap on it on the cleaner. The multiple ridges on the cleaner help to split the bristles on the brush and really get into each strand to clean it.I love the two colors that it comes with, they are bright and easy to find in my collection. And they are compact, I have seen a lot of cleaners that are big and this size is perfect to clean you average brush head without taking up too much room. The silicone material it is made out of makes it easy to clean after you are done cleaning? Haha. But really, the material is easy to clean and will not host any bacteria is you just give it a rinse under the water and dry it with a cloth.I received this item at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

    • By J-jangles
    • 2016-07-31

    These work great! I love that I can slip my fingers ...

    These work great! I love that I can slip my fingers in them to hold the cleaner while I clean my brush. I can clean them so much faster by using one of these. I just put the soap on top of the brush cleaner over the bumps. Then just rub the brush back and forth rotating the brush while using water until the brush is clean. When I'm down cleaning them I hang them upside down over a dish drying mat. This is a really great set! I love that it comes with four so I clean all my brushes before having to clean the brush cleaner! I was able to recieve these at a discount in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.

    • By Jodi
    • 2016-07-29

    Now I have clean brushes!

    Alright, I admit. I did't clean my makeup brushes after every use. Gross, right? Well, thanks to these brush eggs, now I don't have to hold my head in shame!Here's what I used to do. Take out makeup brush, use it, dust it off on a tissue. Basically, it worked. It got most of the service powder off, but tissues aren't really meant to get into makeup brushes and clean them off. Who knows what I was leaving on my brush. Plus, I wasn't really making the cleaning process a priority.Here's what I do now. Take out makeup brush, use it, dust it off on the brush egg. Same effort, but completely different result. It's actually a little bit easier to do now, because the brush eggs are kept right with my make up and have nice ridges to really get the makeup off the brush. I simply swipe them back and forth on the egg and they clean right up. I love that there is an opening in the center to put my fingers, because it really gives me added control over them. Super easy!Item was purchased with a promotional discount/or free in exchange for testing and giving my honest unbiased opinion of this product. No compensation for a positive review was provided. All of my reviews are based 100% off of my experience with the product and I never guarantee a positive review I hope you found my review helpful. Thank you.

    • By Chris Miller
    • 2016-07-22

    Our studio makeup artist was impressed **see pics and video**

     Our studio makeup artist was impressed **see pics and video**. When this package first arrived we all stared thinking this just looks like some little pieces of rubber. This can't work. Well here was the surprise. Apparently they do a fantastic job of rubbing (pulling? forcing?) out the extra makeup from the brushes. Our artist currently used drying stands and normal washing and was pleased with the result. But after seeing the amount of makeup that still comes out we are ordering another set.We were torn on whether to use one and rub the brush against it or slip your fingers into two and use a circular motion to rub the brush ends. We were happier with holding the cleaner in one hand and twisting the brushes against it. Just felt more natural.Thanks to MelodySusie for sending these over for a discount/free review. It never affects our ratings (see the profile). These just work awesome as shown in the video live.

    • By Kim
    • 2016-07-21

    Makes cleaning your brushes fun

    These are the single most handy makeup tool I have ever purchased. I will admit I am a slacker when it comes to cleaning my makeup brushes but I saw these cute little brush eggs and just had to try them. These brush cleaning eggs are made from a sturdy silicone material, it has larger ridges for your larger brushes and smaller ones for your small brushes, it is basically like a little wash board. In the past I have cleaned my brushes in the sink using my fingers but that never really got them as clean as I would have liked. These little tools clean your brushes ten times better than just using your fingers, the rivets help to knock the old makeup off the bristles and the silicone material picks up the dirt well. I am very impressed with this product and I know you will be to. I received my brush cleaning eggs at a discount in exchange for an honest and unbiased review an highly recommend this product, they are a must have for you beauty bag.

    • By jv
    • 2016-07-19

    Fantastic Cleanign Tool & Super Cute!

    Great set of four Brusheggs and in two beautiful colors. That look like a soft pink and turquoises. This set comes in very handy so I can have one in my bathroom cabinet, toiletry bag and keep the other two safe and sound until I need to replace one or give one as a gift. The times that I've used these it's a bit of a snug fit in the Brushegg but not too bad. I'm guessing they're like that so they won't just simply slide off my hand everytime I'm trying to clean my brushes. I like how it has the washboard pattern on them making it easier to get the brushes nice and clean. I've been adding just a little bit of brush cleaner on my brushes or on the Brushegg and with a few swipes and swirl motions it gets all of the makeup out of them. As easy as these are to use they also dry rapidly. I just simply leave them standing upright and the water just drips right off. Very happy with these brush cleaners since they feel like they're going to last me a long time and they are about the same size as an egg. Making them compact enough to store them anywhere. Using these has definitely cut down the time I would usually take. Since it gets them super clean making my brushes feel soft and new again.I received this product for free in exchange of my honest unbiased review. If my review was helpful in any way please click the helpful button. Thank you!

    • By julie galloway
    • 2016-07-16

    Deserves 10 stars!!

    Where have these been all my life?? Omg, I am in love with these things! I am a makeup junkie, and I cannot stand it when my brushes don't get clean when I brush them off on a towel. First of all, I grabbed the three eye shadow brushes I use all the time. With the first one, I applied eye shadow and then cleaned it with the egg. But I noticed that there was a much darker color on the egg after doing this. I couldn't believe it. It was eye shadow that was still trapped in the brush from a previous use! With the next one, I tried taking the white Kleenex shown in the photo and wiping it on there to try to remove any older makeup. But my Kleenex was clean. So I assumed there wasn't any stuck in that brush. Until I tried cleaning it on the egg, that is. Before applying and more eye shadow at all, the egg took off so much eye shadow! And I had just gotten nothing out of it by brushing it on the Kleenex. Now I want to go get all of my brushes and use the egg on them all! I would still recommend washing your brushes with soap every so often, but this product is awesome for in between! I'll never be without one again!To clean it I simply used warm water and some baby soap. I didn't brush clean it, but most of the makeup came off with just me rubbing the soap around on it. EVERYONE WHO WEARS MAKEUP SHOULD BUY THESE!!!!!I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.

    • By Christina Torres
    • 2016-07-16

    There are so cute, and they actually cleans your brushes.

    I've seen these brush eggs around Amazon, and I've been curious to try them to see if they really work. I just cleaned my makeup brushes a few weeks ago with some brush spray from Sephora. I'd spray the brush, then wipe it off on a paper towel. While this made my brushes smell clean, they were still stained from makeup. With these brush eggs, there's no way any makeup is left. Now I use my brush spray, and wipe off my brushes under the tap, and all the makeup washes away. It's kinda cool to see. I also really like that it comes in a pouch. It makes it easy for travel, and they're protected from any makeup residue. I don't know how, but everything on my vanity gets a thin layer of makeup from all the fallout, so I like that these are protected. The before and after pic are a little blurry, but you can clearly see how brown my brush is before, and how white it is after. I'll definitely be using these again.Disclaimer: I received this product at a discount, but in no way does it affect my thoughts/feelings about this product.

    • By Thomas Family
    • 2016-07-15

    Get the job done, easy to clean

    These are nice small brush cleaning silicone pieces that. When I ordered them I did receive two, I received one pink and one turquoise blue brush cleaner. I have medium size hands and the opening under them is big enough that I can fit my index and my middle finger in the mail one time. They really help you clean brushes without a lot of damage to the bristles. The ridges of the silicone are soft against the bristles of your brush, but they have a enough of a structure to them that they help really work out the make up within your brushes.The silicone, or soft plastic material that they're made out of seems to clean up really easily. Normally when I clean my make up brushes I use a small amount of Olay Dawn or a small amount of olive oil depending on what type of brush I'm cleaning. Sometimes with my foundation brushes my previous blush cleaners I would be unable to actually get the foundation off of them… And then I wouldn't be able to use them on any other brushes. These cleaned up really nicely and I didn't have to soak them at all, I just used a bit of dish detergent and it washed all of the make up right off.Review by P. Thomas- I received this product for a discount. This is my honest opinion of the item and is not influenced by any discount. I don't give good reviews just because I received an hour a discount- you can look on my reviewer page to see I give a wide range of 1-5 star reviews. I am NOT paid to leave reviews. Thank you!

    • By Kim Goodwin
    • 2016-07-15

    Better way to deep clean makeup brushes.

     Cleaning makeup brushes is such a tedious task especially when you have a ton of brushes like I do. I bought these MelodySusie Brush Egg Cleaners to help make cleaning my brushes a little easier. They are super cute and come in a 2 pack. One is pink and the other is a light green (like mint). I can comfortably fit my first 2 fingers in the opening at the bottom and it stays put while I work away cleaning my brushes.Before buying these I would just clean my brushes in the palm of my hand. By the time I was done, my hands would look like prunes and I still didn’t feel like they were deep cleaned. These brush eggs are made out of silicone and are very thick which makes me feel comfortable that they will last a long time. There are small raised points at the top which are made for cleaning smaller brushes. The bottom three quarters has raised lines for cleaning larger brushes. I do feel like my brushes are getting a deeper clean using these brush eggs. These would make a great gift for anyone who loves makeup or as a gift for you.Disclaimer: I did receive this product at a discount for review. My opinions are my own and will always be honest and unbiased.

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