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Brush Egg Makeup Brush Cleaner...


Brush Egg Makeup Brush Cleaner (2 Pack)

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(Only for US address)Makeup brush egg - MelodySusie beautieg makeup brush eggs are designed with wider opening and cleaning patterns, which are much better than any other brush eggs to clean your makeup brushes efficiently.

Unique design with great function - The width of the opening is 2 inches, longer than any other makeup brush eggs, which is perfect for three fingers to fit in easily and to hold the items tightly. The tiny granules are used for cleaning small brushes and the stripes are designed for larger makeup brushes.

Sweet color design - 2 Pack Design on sale. Package includes 1 light green, 1 baby pink makeup brush eggs, as well as 1 user manual.

12 Months warranty Coverage - All MelodySusie® makeup brush cleaners - beautieg are covered by warranty for 12 months. We will work hard to put a smile back on your face whenever you have any inquiries.

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※ New Arrival Makeup Brush Cleaner Series
-- MelodySusie® Makeup Brush Egg, Silicone Makeup Brush Cleaner, Handheld Cosmetic Scrubber for Makeup Brushes

※ Product Highlights:
MelodySusie® Makeup Brush Egg, Silicone Makeup Brush Cleaner is designed with soft silicone tiny granules and stripes to clean makeup brushes of different sizes. It is of great use for those who wear makeup very often to clean many of their makeup brushes more conveniently.

The tiny granules parts are designed for cleaning small makeup brushes, while the stripes are specially designed for bigger makeup brush heads.

※ Product Basic Information:
♦ Material: High quality, durable and non-toxic silicone
♦ Dimension: 2.1 * 1.3 * 2.9inch (L * W * H)
♦ Length of the opening: 1.4inches / 3.6cm
♦ Weight: 0.17lb. / 77g for each

※ Product Included:
1 * MelodySusie Light Green Makeup Brush Egg
1 * MelodySusie Peachy Pink Makeup Brush Egg

※ Warranty:
At MelodySusie, we guarantee product quality as we have highest standards of quality testing. That's also why we promise full 12-month warranty and provide friendly, easy-to-reach support at any time.

Still don’t know how to make your makeup brushes much cleaner? Just Click "Add to Cart" button to pick MelodySusie Makeup Brush Egg home and you will find out the amazing answer! ❤


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  • By Amanda
  • 2016-09-23


Like most people, I find brush cleaning time consuming and boring, so I've been interested in trying one of the egg shaped brush cleaners since I watched YouTube's EmilyNoel83 do a video demo on one, as it made the whole cleaning process look quick and easy.

The palm-sized MelodySusie 'Beautieg' model brush cleaner has a hollow design, so the egg slides over my middle 3 fingers for better grip when wet. The egg has two different patterned panels on one side; granules [for smaller brushes] and stripes [for larger ones]. You simply dampened your brushes, add brush cleaner (I use baby shampoo), and hold the egg under whilst you swirl the brush against the textured panels = your brush is cleaned in seconds.

I find that the granules are best for eye brushes, whilst the stripes do everything else - I sometimes run the face brushes over the granules after the stripes, if I feel they're very caked in product and need a bit more help.

I'm always a bit wary when popular YouTubers are too cheery about a product, but the praise is deserved this time around. There are loads of these types of brush cleaners floating around, but I recommend the MelodySusie model as it's inexpensive but not too cheaply made, I own a few other MelodySusie products so trust the brand's quality, and the egg cleaners come in multi packs of two and four - I'm always putting things down somewhere and then forgetting where, so having a backup ready to go is very handy.

  • By Ariana Valdivia
  • 2016-08-18


I wear makeup almost every day and I use different makeup brushes (foundation brush, powder brush, angle blush brush, concealer brush, eye shadow brush, blending brush, eye liner brush) and I deep clean all of them every Saturday; it’s a lot of work and time consuming.This MelodySusie Makeup Brush Cleaner is amazing and so simple to use. The package contains 2 (pink & mint) made with high quality, durable and non toxic silicone. The cleaning process it’s extremely simply· Wet brush· Put small amount of your favorite brush cleanser (I personally use baby shampoo)· For small brushes I use the tiny granules at the top of the brush egg; just gently move the brush back & force for about 30 secs. Repeat as necessary depending how dirty the brush is.· For larger brushes like foundation, powder and blush brushes I use the stripes· After I wash my brush I lay them on top of paper towel until they dryI’m been very honest when I say that my brushes have never felt/looked so clean before; some of my brushes are black and the ends are white or brown and now I can actually see the 2 tones. They feel very soft and most important not one single bristle fell off during the cleaning process. HIGHLY recommended to any makeup loverDISCLAIMER: I was given this product at a free or reduced price in exchange for my HONEST opinion of the above product.

  • By Netta
  • 2016-08-16

This is so much better than the way I've been cleaning my brushes!

I have two main obstacles to cleaning my makeup brushes. First of all, I have really oily skin. My brushes tend to get oily really quickly. I know that technically I should store them in a closed case, but I just keep mine in a standard brush holding jar. So the tops of them I know are getting dust, hair, pet hair and whatever else on them. Because of this I know that my brushes are probably dirtier than some other womens', and I have to clean them often.Cleaning my brushes is often messy because of my second obstacle, which is the fact that I have dark brown skin. My makeup tends to splash all on the sides of the sink, even up to the mirror while I'm cleaning my brushes. I know that's partially my fault because I'm scrubbing the brushes to get everything out, usually in a rush. But still... no one likes to see brown flecks all around their sink that they have to wipe up afterwards.I absolutely love these brush cleaners. I'm able to control the mess because I don't have to scrub as hard, and I don't have to manually separate the bristles just to get them clean. I just rub the brushes over the little soft teeth, and it helps clean them off. In addition, my hands don't get as messy! my two fingers are in the cleaner holder, protected from the mess.I am able to fit my first two fingers in the holder with no issues. It fits snugly. I was worried about this because I am a taller girl with bigger hands, so I didn't know how it would fit.I don't have anything bad to say about these brush eggs. I was able to give two away to friends that need them, and still have two for myself. I think every woman that wears makeup should have one.I received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for a fair review.

  • By Amanda J.
  • 2016-08-15

Great Product.

 Oh my goodness these are a makeup lover staple! I do not know why I had not heard of these nifty brush cleaners sooner. I really like how easy these little brush cleaners are to use. You just slip it on to your fingers and swirl the brush on it under water and BOOM your brush is clean!!! These have made my life so much easier, and cut my brush cleaning time down so much. I have a very large amount of brushes, around 30-50 brushes, so it normally takes me forever to clean them all, I have found that these nifty little brushes only take me about a fourth of the time that it used to!! I also really like the colors that they came in, as pink is my favorite color and blue is my daughters favorite color! Lastly, these are very durable as well as made with a quality material! These should last a very long time.Disclosure: I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest unbiased review of the product. All opinions are my own and I hope that my review helps you with making your purchasing decision.

  • By Nathalia
  • 2016-08-14

I recently got a nice makeup brush set but when it came to cleaning ...

I recently got a nice makeup brush set but when it came to cleaning off my brushes I used the inside of my arms. I never even knew they made these. Now that I know I will not be using my arms again! They come in a four pack. You get two of each color. So you can keep them all for yourself or give one to someone. I gave the other set to my daughter who is 17. After I did my make up I just brushed the brush on then textured part and all the extra powder and blush were gone. This was nice because I didnt have to leave with a colored arm. These are a silicone material and wash really well so when you have done it several times you can just rinse them off. They are small and can be easily be stored or travel with. I would definitely recommend this to someone who uses a lot of make up so they can keep their brushes nice and clean.This comes with2 blue silicone cleaners2. pink silicone cleanersI received this for free in return for my honest review

  • By Mel Rose
  • 2016-08-11

Great Brush Cleaner!

 These makeup brush cleaners work wonders and are great! I was really impressed with the way it cleansed my brushes when I was just trying it out, but after seeing how clean its gotten my first brushes I've tried it on all of mine and now I don't have to worry about anymore bacteria buildup when wearing makeup because of the brushes I'm using haven't been cleaned, they are good to go!. It's super easy to use and you just slip two of your fingers into the egg which gives you a grip and gently brush your brushes against the bristles of the egg with some warm water and soap of your choosing. I used just good ol hand soap but you can make your own makeup brush cleansing solution from olive oil and antibacterial dish soap. These egg brush cleaners are super cute a pretty color to keep on your vanity! It is high quality, durable and just right for anyone who is a beginner in makeup to being a professional makeup artist!Disclaimer: This item was received free or at a discounted price in exchange for an honest unbiased product review

  • By Angel
  • 2016-08-09

Love my new brush

Guys I I really love this brush cleaner its really cute and easy to use also in one pack i got 4 pcs of it .. If Came from a nice bag and really cool bag that wherever you go you can bring it to you!! and also the color I got is mint green and light kind of pink and its a great combination.. I have this brush in japan but the problem is when i got those mine its only a 1 pc but this one is a 4 pcs.. So for that im so happy .. You can watch my video here but i will tell you guys just ignore what im saying that i put a link on the discription below because this video is the one that i upload on my youtube too,, so just pls ignore it,obviously they dont have a description box here on amazon that we can put the link where they can get the product and also its looks like we cannot put any link here on amazon or third party while we are reviewing the product so keep on mind what im saying on my video here,, i make this video to show what this product is and how to use this product on my own way.. Also i got mine at highly discounted price exchanged for my honest opinion.. Also i reAlly love all melodysusie product its really worth it

  • By Kimberly
  • 2016-08-04

Quick and easy makeup brush scrubber!

This is a nice twin pack composed of two makeup brush scrubbers. It's approximately 2"x3" with an opening wide enough for about 2 fingers to hold the scrubber steady when cleaning. It's made of a durable non-toxic silicone and has raised ridges on a great majority of the scrubber for large makeup brushes with the end composed of smaller silicone pegs for finer makeup brushes.I used this to clean my every day foundation makeup brush. First I got my makeup brush wet and applied my cleaner and then just wiped my brush back and forth across the ridges and rinsed the scrubber a couple times during the process. The scrubber got my makeup brush very clean to where the original white ends of the bristles actually came out clean and visible and it only took a couple minutes to clean from start to finish- a process that usually takes much longer and gets my hands and fingers coated in makeup in the process. Using this makeup brush scrubber my hands were sans makeup and cleaned quickly and efficiently. The scrubber easily rinsed clean instantly just running under water again. Very easy process start to finish! This is a great product for cleansing makeup brushes and I imagine a lot easier to handle than many of the competitors full glove makeup scrubbers that require your entire hand be encompassed in a bulky glove. Definitely recommend this for easy brush cleaning!Disclaimer: I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review.

  • By Nikki
  • 2016-08-04

Love this! Saves me so much time cleaning makeup brushes

I got these makeup brush cleaner a few days ago and I finally got the chance to test it today. I got two pairs in the colors pink and green. They're about the size of a large egg cut in half for each cleaner. You get 4 but I really just needed one. They are very easy and nice to use and pretty self explanatory. You just basically wet the makeup brushes and add soap and swirl it on the brush cleaner's raised lines. It cut my time of cleaning my makeup brushes more than half than when I usually clean them with just water and soap on my palms. I think that it is better to use with makeup brushes that have shorter bristles and it's harder to use it with brushes that are fluffy that have longer bristles such as powder brushes and longer blush brushes. I totally love this I think it is worth every penny, I recommend it for everyone who has at least more than 4 brushes to clean and likes to have their brushes clean all the time. It makes it easier and faster to clean brushes."I received this product for free/discounted price in exchange for my honest and unbiased review."

  • By Maggie
  • 2016-08-02

no more dirty brushes

I love these silicone makeup brush cleaners. No more pruned and soggy hands from cleaning your brushes in the palm of your hands. We know how important it is to have clean makeup brushes since we are using them on our face and around our eyes. The silicone mats can be expensive so these eggs are perfect. You get four in a pack so you can keep one packed in your travel bag and still have enough to share with your friends too.They are simple to use. Just put the egg on the your finger tips to hold in place, add some mild soap, I used castile soap, wet your brush and swish the brush around on the grooves on the egg to really get in the brush and clean it. Add some water and you can see all the old makeup just rinse right out of the brush and down the drain. Be sure to rinse and dry your brush completely. Hang your brush up to dry where the water can run down the brush and not get trapped in the top of the brush where the glue is holding the hairs of the brush together.These eggs are definitely a time and money saver. *I was provided with this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review*

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