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    Party Queen 1-Step Gel Collect...


    Party Queen 1-Step Gel Collection

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    New nail gel line from MelodySusie

    Safe -- Non-toxic, minimal smell, non-damaging to nails.

    Convenient -- fully cures under an LED lamp in 1 minute or a UV lamp in 2 minutes.

    Long-Lasting and easy to use-- 15+ days of high-performance use without peeling or cracking for each application. Only needs one coat and soaks off completely in only 10 - 15 minutes. A complete application/removal guide is included with each set.


    • Pink Rouge,Light Peach,Warm Taupe,Bordeaux,Beige,Caramel Brown
    • Flaming Red, Viridian Ring, Wine Purple
    • Matin,Greenery,Nymph,Iris,Pinecone,Poppy
    • Cranberry,Sunset,Goldstone,Sweet Dream,Mermaid,Sakura
    • BASE and TOP Coat
    • Sky Blue,Honey Peach,Golden Wheat,Rose Hermosa,Violet Dream,Spring Green
    • Matte Top Coat
    • Elegant Magenta,Emerald,Sapphire,Dark Orchid,Ruby Red,Black Pearl
    • Lavender,Peachblow,Pearl,Mocha,Marsala,Slate

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    • By Dani H
    • 2017-05-19

    Five Stars

    Colors are a little lighter than pictured, but stay on well!

    • By Gadget Girl Reviews
    • 2017-05-17

    Stunning colour set,

    This set of 6 UV LED gel polishes are different to the ones Ive tried before in that they are "1 STEP", literally paint on, cure and go. They are hard wearing and high performance polishes.

    I absolutely adore these colours, so many times a metallic pearl doesnt tend to suit my skintone; however these are all stunning colours. The Flaming red and Wine purple are my favorites with Viridian Ring and Airy Blue coming a close. The Spicey mustard and Champayne rose Ill use as nail art colours as they will make a gorgeous base colour.
    Im a 3 coat girl and 2 coats was plenty for me as I adore the depth of colour these give you...sooo beautiful!

    The polish is fairly thick but thats why its a 1 step gel polish so you get great coverage immediately. The only one thats still quite thin is the Champayne Rose so you have a sheerer colour if you wish, but as you will see in my video the 2nd coat is completely opaque.

    I have to mention the lovely chunky size bottles, you get 12mls in each bottle, most of my gel polishes I've only got 7-10mls in them. Thes gorgeous curved squarish bottles are chunky and comfy in the hand and easy to use.
    Plus the added bonus of having a lovely square bottom to prevent them toppling over. The thick dumpy brush covers the nail plate perfectly as you see in the video. The coverage is amazing and the fact all 10 nails are dry in 1 minute is fantastic for me. They dont have any inhibition layer to wipe off they are dry and ready to go when the lamp pings...YESS!

    Ill definitely be treating myself to more colours, love them.
    They are durable too, I wore the flaming red all over Christmas and I only had to change to polish as my gels grew out after 4 weeks, no chips or wear. I still had a perfect mani. They are definitely worth the extra pennies Ill never use another air dry polish again, I love my gels.

    Please see my full video live swatches and review so you can see them for yourself.

    • By Davin
    • 2017-03-26

    Great color choices.

    Great color choices! First time using with a 22W UV/Led lamp, the result turns out to be impressive! Mine even do not need a Cleanser/Alcohol to clean the redundant gel after curing. Originally had a problem with the wrong package but the seller does a great help. Will definitely purchase more from this seller!

    • By bubbled
    • 2017-02-27

    Very nice

    These do not require a primer or top coat which takes out about 7 minutes! These are very nice colors as well

    • By Amazon Customer
    • 2017-02-22

    Two Stars

    Advertising is misleading. Only red colors when you order this - not the colorful palette it displays

    • By Harmonie F.
    • 2017-02-04

    Easy application, long-lasting, true colors

    I have all 3 color sets of this brand. The colors are true to the images shown. I am not a professional and just recently started doing my own gels.The application and removal processes are simple and in line with the provided instructions. I use these with Gellen base and top coats and easily get 2 weeks of wear with mimimal or no chipping; just as long as when I used to go to nail shops. The polish is neither too thick nor too thin for my preference. I usually do 2-3 coats of color depending on the opacity. I work with patients so I wash my hands frequently throughout the day, use sanitizing sprays to wash treatment tables, use massage cremes and oils, and handle free weights and exercise equipment all day long. It might be possible to go 3 weeks with this polish but I change after 2 weeks due to new growth showing and my nails getting too long for my job; my nails grow rather fast. The only other brand I^ve used is Gellen and they both last at least 2 weeks. Melodysusie is less expensive however. My only complaint is the limited number of available colors so far compared to other brands that I^ve seen; I just wish there were more. The pictures shown are on day one, I will post more after 1 week and then 2 weeks.Overall a very good product and I am looking forward to more colors.

    • By Shawn Scott
    • 2017-01-31

    Good product stayed on for two weeks

    Good product stayed on for two weeks

    • By Betty Ramsey
    • 2017-01-24

    Love These!

    Love these gel polishes. Really like that it can be a one step process if you don't want to intensify the colors. Thanks for a very nice product.

    • By Anderson
    • 2016-12-06

    Pretty colors for coming party season!

    This is a great color set for coming party season! I love the red and the green colors. I just can鈥檛 wait to design my gel nails for Christmas and the New Year! Recommend!!

    • By Maggie
    • 2016-12-02

    I could have my own nail salon. lol.

    I purchased this set of Party Queen gel polish from MelodySusie since it is now party season and I really need such kind of shining colors!!! I have to say that I LOVE every single color in this set! They are chosen from the color research from the Pantone Color Institute, which represents a sense of fashion! Now I can鈥檛 wait to share my using experience with you!

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