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Butterfly Makeup Brush Cleaner


Butterfly Makeup Brush Cleaner

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(Only for US address)Makeup brush cleaning mat madewith high-quality, durable and non-toxic soft silicone

Clean your makeup brushes quickly and easily without getting your hands dirty

7 cleaning areas with specialized functions, including wash, rinse, refine, and refine plus

Fits into most standard sinks and secures firmly with suction cups; foldable for easy storage

Larger surface area than other cleaning mats at 12.9x0.39x9.1 inches, weighs only 0.31 pounds

US$ 8.99

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  • By Amanda
  • 2016-09-28

Cleans like magic...

The underside of the mat has suction cups, so it'll lay down securely on your table etc even when it is wet. The mat has seven different patterned panels on; MelodySusie says that there are 2 basic wash panels, 2 rinsing patterns, 1 refine [deeper cleanse] patterns, and 2 'refine plus' patterns. Cleaning is a simple case of dampening my brushes and adding cleaner to them (usually baby shampoo), then swirling the brush against the textured panels. I clean the mat with water and baby shampoo afterwards.

I find that the patterns are best used in the way that they are marked on the mat [and in the instruction booklet that comes with the mat; I don't know why different types of brush work better on some shapes better then others, but after loads of playing around with this cleaning mat that's what I think works best.

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