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MelodySusie™ Multifunction 4-in-1 Electric Facial & Body Brush Spa Cleaning System

Price:US$22.99  14.99

Product Description

MelodySusie - Bring Your Beauty Salon Home ! 
Let Beauty Become Simple! 

Product Highlights: 
This rotating face and body cleaning system helps keeps your skin looking younger and more vibrant. It can help removes embedded dirt and oil, resulting in healthier, more beautiful skin. It's gentle for cleansing all skin types, including sensitive skin conditions. Your pores appear smaller, fine lines and wrinkles appear reduced and your skin tone and texture improves. 

Product Details: 
- On-off switch
- 2 speed control
- Power: 3V DC (2 AA 1.5V batteries operated (Not Included)) 
- Four spinning attachments included for different requirements: 
1.Cosmetic Sponge: Cleanses face to prepare for moisturizing or nourishing
2.Soft Brush: Exfoliates dead skin cells to reveal a radiant skin. No harms to your skin. Could be used with facial emulsion, hand-washing cream and foot-cleaning
3.Pumice: Gently exfoliates, polishes and smoothes rough callus skin under foot or elbow
4.Nail polish: To have a radiant nails of hand and foot 

Produkt enthalten
- 1 x Massager Hauptgerät
- 1 x Make-up Schwamm
- 1 x Sanfte Nylon Bürste
- 1 x Rohöl polish Zubehör
- 1 x Massager Kopfbürste

Please kindly note:
- To properly attach the facial brush to the main unit, please push the brush all the way in until you hear a "click" sound which ensures the brush is locked into the axle
- This product is not waterproof and cannot be used in the shower, please do not wash the main unit directly under water
- Please keep the accessories away from children


Average rating:
4.7(based on 14 reviews) Write a review

Recent Reviews

  • By Kimberly R. Norton
  • 2014-06-11
Excellent considering the reasonable price

This is a facial massager and a cleaning system. It consists of the following items:

..........Main unit that requires 2 AA batteries (not included);
..........Soft Brush;
..........Face Sponge;

~The soft brush feels so good on the face. It is NOT too harsh, it is soft.

~The sponge works best with applying something on the skin like vitamin C oil or other items you want to put on your face.

~The Pumice is for your hands and feet. I think it is too rough for hands but the pumice should work great on your feet if you have a lot of rough dead skin. Do NOT put the pumice on your face.

~The Massor is like a massager. It can be used on your face but also your body.

~There is a blooper on the instructions. It says you need two triple A batteries (2 x AAA); that is incorrect. You need two double A batteries (2 x AA). The instructions appear to be written in English, French, and German.

I love this product, just understand that your are not buying a $200 item, you are buying something less than ten percent of that cost, so keep your expectations with the cost.

Based on the good price amazon is selling this product for and the fact that it ships Prime, I must say that this is a winner. Just remember that amazon’s prices are violative, and their prices can change daily.

~Product received by seller/vendor.

If a seller/vendor sends a product, I will not review that product if it falls below 4 stars. The seller/vendor will be contacted with an explicit explanation as to why the product was rejected for a public review.

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4 stars = I like it.
3 stars = It is OK.
2 stars = I do not like it.
1 star_ = I hate it.

  • By Laura P
  • 2014-05-30

This set is a miracle worker. whenever I used to wash my face with soap or scrub i was always felt like i wasn't cleaning my face right. As soon as i use it my face felt cleaner and i saw a complete different. People complimented me that i was glowing. I absolutely love the case it comes in, very easy to travel with. I carry this with me everywhere i go !! This has become my partner in traveling.

  • By Maral hoseinzade
  • 2014-04-19

Ive found what i really works to reduce breakouts on my face and give it a shiny look :)

  • By Alice
  • 2014-04-06
old faithful

I had this a while and she's still ticking. Old faithful. I'm enjoying it. A good buy. Hasn't broken and works great.

  • By Barnez Oliver
  • 2014-04-05
Melody Susie Facial & Body Brush Spa

This is my first battery operated personal portable FaciaI System I am thoroughly enjoying it.
The bristles are soft and effective. The pumice attachment is good. I also enjoy the massager with the roller balls. I have not used the round foam attachment, I'm quite sure it is relaxing too.
My opinion, great quality for the money.

  • By Lilli
  • 2014-03-22
Realy Cleans

I use it daily and not only does it clean my face but provides a nice massaging effect morning or evening.

  • By gifts
  • 2014-01-07

Purchased for family as Christmas gifts. They have not said what they thought of them yet. So no news must be good news.

  • By Alberto Lopez Jr
  • 2013-11-26
Best way to cleanse & massage your skin

I ws hoping tht it had a more powerful speed. But, I saw on TV to much power WLD be strong on the skin. Can't press to hard on the skin. It's better thn using your hands.

  • By Wency Roll
  • 2013-10-24
Love itIHighly Recommend!

I have used this facial brush more than one month and I canft help myself loving it. Before this one I have another one for more than 2month, I use it every day and night. But it isnft waterproof. It broken when I taken shower. I love this one for reasons below.
1. Unique package and design. I love the color-light purple which is a very shining and young color. When I receive the product I was shocked. It comes with a very specific instruction to tell you how to operate it and what are the different functions between the heads. I really really love the unique design. It keeps the entire product in one place. I usually take it when i go out for travel or business.
2D Multifunction. It comes with 5 different function heads. I will go over each one for you.
The big soft brush. I use it every day and night, I have a sensitive skin so I extremely strict require on facial brush, but this big soft brush I like very much, I usually use it with DHC facial foam, it really clean my skin even in to my pole, only within one week I can see the dramatically decrease of the blackhead around my nose.

The other head is sponge. You can use it to wash your face or body. But the main reason I love to use this face sponge is that I can use it to apply my foundation. You can apply any other care product as you want. it does a great job of distributing you foundation or other skin care product.

Before going to the other heads I want to talk about the main unit which requires 2AA batteries. It is waterproof so you can use it in the shower. You donft need to worry the battery will get wet .Because the cover will highly protect the battery and allows you to sink when use it in the shower .you can continue use it day after day. on the main unit there is a button on the middle when you press it one time it will rotate one the right side when you double press it will rotate on the left side. Very easy to operate.

The small nylon brush i like to call it small body brush or feet and hands brush. I suggest not use it on the face. Because it was little hard .I usually use it to remove the cetin on my body every three days. But since it was small it does take little time. If you are in hurry in the morning I will not recommend you this. But if you have time in the night before go to bed I highly recommend you use it .Spending little time in the shower and taking some time to the body washing you can feel how soft and how smooth your skin will be. If you still have no time you can use it on your hands and foot. You can extremely feel the different changes of your skin.

The following I will introduce for you is the Pumice. The instruction recommends to use it on the hand or foot to remove the rough skin. But I found it has another function. I usually use it to polish my nails, it is very easy to control, you only need to attach it to the massager, rotate it within 2-3mins your nail will be polished and looks very shining, smooth and nice.

The last heads is massor. A very very useful head. It cannot give you a feeling like to go to some place for massager but it can give you some feeling like massor and make you feel relax. I also make the massor to my neck and shoulder. I usually tend to carry a lots of stresses here so I use it every night .it makes me feel much better.

Thatfs all the heads I want to recommend but the most attractive things is the price. Only $25 without shipping can get this multifunction and waterproof facial brush. My previous one costs me more than $60and itfs not waterproof. I also have checked some waterproof one on Amazon which cost more than $100 So this one really deserve to have. The quality is more than ten times then it price.

  • By Tasnim
  • 2013-07-18

Best one ever and stays for long time... I'm using it for 7 years now and still very good and definitely recommend it.

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