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6W Violetilac LED Nail Lamp - ...


6W Violetilac LED Nail Lamp - Black

HOLIDAY DEALS -- Sale Price $39.99 Deal Price. $14.99

Cures LED gel polish that lasts up to 2 weeks

6 watt power,highly efficient,no need to replace LED light tube

Super Mini-sized with compact and ergonomic design

Perfect for home use and travel

The default curing time is 60s, press button twice and it will turn to 45s


  • 6W LED White
  • 6W LED Black

US$ 14.99

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  • By ClaireQ
  • 2013-03-19

Affordable and works great

When I attempted my first gel manicure, I followed the instructions to a T. I put thin layers of base, cured under lamp, color, cured, top then cure again. My nails were still feeling tacky after I cured them for over 2 min each (the instructions say 10 seconds with an LED lamp).

Long story short, your nails will feel a little tacky, but they're DRY. Scrub them with a nail brush and soap and water and reveal gel manicured nails.

Only con is that I can't fit my whole hand in at one time; I do my thumb separate.

This lamp works fantastic. Price is unbeatable (I've checked).

  • By Rosamond S. Lewis
  • 2013-03-18

Tiny but does the job

It is tiny, I can fit four fingers at a time. It's good for traveling. It works pretty good, it does the job.

  • By Syd
  • 2013-01-30

Exactly What I Wanted

I fell in love with gel manicures after doing one myself with a friend's gel manicure set. Two weeks later I ordered this along w the Gelish Basic kit. It is WONDERFUL. True, you can only do one hand at a time, and thumbs have to be done seperately, but it's perfectly fine and does a great job. I am a nail freak. I love doing my own designs on my nails & so I'm stocked up on colors. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to use my regular polish with it since it says that it's pretty much necessary to use gel polish only. As soon as I got this in the mail I had to experiment. I used regular polishes to do a glitter ombré manicure on all my nails & I let them dry completely (like 45 mins) and then went on and applied the gelish top coat & cured them with this product. Wiped 'em down with that alcohol stuff & BAM. Brilliant, shiny, goregous manicure. They came out stunning! It's something to be proud of. Customers comment on my nails all the time, and it's always fun to tell them I do them myself. Love love love this kit! I'm a week in, and no chipping at all yet. I'm a barista, so I'm constantly knocking my hands around. I remain amazed at the shine & chip free look my nails have maintained thanks to this product. Also, removal is easy. The acetone thing works, but takes a little extra time. Still worth it. I peel it off sometimes too. (Shh! Don't say a word) At any rate, I would totally reccomend this to anyone who loves doing their nails. You will not be disappointed.

  • By Chelle Hughes-Okoth
  • 2013-01-24

Compact and Fast curing for CND gel polish

I was skeptical when i first looked at this little unit, but gave it a try. This is a great little gel curing light! It is small, nice and VERY portable and we'll made. Yes, you have to cure the finger nails and the thumb separately, but you should do this anyway so the gel stays level on the thumb...the gel is self leveling and if the thumbnail is tipped on the side during curing...the gel slides down and can get thick on the down side. The light does not have 'bulbs' to break or burn out. The cord is the removable type. It has 110-240v so that it can travel world wide. I am very happy with this product.

  • By Sunny FL Mom
  • 2012-10-20

Perfect for at-home use!

I just used this LED light and it works well. I did my nails with a dark Gelish color (Midnight Caller) so I added a few extra seconds to the '6G' timing listed by Gelish and they came out GREAT! My first try! I have large hands for a woman, and I was able to angle my 4 fingers to fit just fine. I'm very happy with this inexpensive LED light. The ON button on top shuts off the light at 30 seconds automatically, or you can just use it as an ON/OFF button. No need to spend $100-$200 for a light for casual, at home use. I got the white one.

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