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    Wig 2 Pack - MS503 &MS712


    Wig 2 Pack - MS503 &MS712

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    • By JUDY.F
    • 2013-10-30

    Really nice...when worn with a hat

    The hair is very soft, the color was accurate,it'a beautiful wig BUT I really can't fix the bangs without a hairpin.Wearing a hat could help a lot,thought.I'll say it's for the price.

    • By D. M. Hill
    • 2013-10-08

    Amazing for cosplay

    Amazing for a cosplay.And it looks great on me and fits very good on my head. There are absolutely no tangles when I run my fingers through it like real hair, it's very soft and keeps its texture.

    • By Elena
    • 2013-09-30

    Surprisingly great

    Tangles a little bit but not unexpected for a wig this long. Overall made it through the day a whole lot better than I expected. Worth the price.

    • By Ms nina
    • 2013-08-22


    The wig is amazing, really soft, very long and the curls are perfect.The color is beautiful. Yes, it tangles but doesn't all long hair?? Love it!

    • By Nana.Z.G
    • 2013-07-05

    Looks natural

    I am new to the world of wigs; so i was very nervous to get this wig. But i did and honestly im glad i did.The hair itself is really long and be careful about manipulation, the hair, as well, looks very real. Also, for a newbie like myself this wig is very easy to style, I didnt cut the bangs but I cut the hair into a shoulder length and it was SOOOOO easy to achieve a perfect cut and look.

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