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    Here are some photos and comments shared by our sample recipients. Quality and customer satisfaction are MelodySusie's top priorities, and we hope that these messages reflect those values. If you are interested in receiving a free sample of our products, please apply here.

    Melina Gutierrez

    Lovely products to work with they are a must have and are priced extremely well. The 12w led lamp has cut my drying time in half it can fit your entire hand but i prefer to do my thumbs last. It is a space saver. The lux gel one step colors are awesome my favorite is the elegant magenta. the colors do not require a base or top coat that saves you not only time but product and they give you full color in two coats. I am a nail tech and mother of three teen girls that keep me busy and this product has lasted with out getting dull or chipping. mind you that in constantly working with monomer, acetone, and many other chemicals. So all in all I would recommend this product not only to the pro nail techs but to any nail fan!

    Sharon Echeverria

    Amazing product Want to collect rest of polish sets. So far got 2 sets


    Love the colors!


    Colors are gorgeous!!

    Gadget Girl reviews

    They arrive in this beautiful box set with red rose design, sop beautifully feminine. Description ----------- This set of 6 UV LED gel polishes are different to the ones Ive tried before in that they are "1 STEP", literally paint on, cure and go. They are hard wearing and high performance polishes. I have to mention the lovely chunky size bottles, you get 12mls in each bottle, most of my gel polishes I've only got 7-10mls in them. Thes gorgeous curved squarish bottles are chunky and comfy in the hand and easy to use. Plus the added bonus of having a lovely square bottom to prevent them toppling over they are lovely and stable when you want to wipe the brush on the side. I love that it has a glass top to see the colour and to remove any cloggy bits. Use ---- The polishes come in the most beautiful unique colour set. I have added live colour swatches in my video so you can see how they go on and wether you prefer 1 or 2 coats. Im normally a 3 coat girl and 1-2 coats has a gorgeous depth of colour...sooo beautiful! They all have a hint of pearl metallic..stunning! The polish is fairly thick but thats why its a 1 step gel polish so you get great coverage immediately. The only one thats still quite thin is the Champayne Rose so you have a sheerer colour if you wish, but as you will see in my video the 2nd coat is completely opaque. Opinion -------- I absolutely adore these colours; they are so fast and easy to use. The thick dumpy brush covers the nail plate perfectly as you see in the video. The coverage is amazing and the fact all 10 nails are dry in 1 minute is fantastic for me. They dont have any inhibition layer to wipe off they are dry and ready to go when the lamp pings...YESS! Ill definitely be treating myself to more colours, love them. They are durable too, I wore the flaming red all over Christmas and I only had to change to polish as my gels grew out after 4 weeks, no chips or wear. I still had a perfect mani. They are definitely worth the extra pennies Ill never use another air dry polish again, I love my gels. Video link

    BravesDiva Nails

    This gel collection is one of my favorites. The formulas on these are amazing...they apply like butter, and most of them are opaque in three coats or less. You can't beat a fabulous one-step gel. I love these. Thank you so much MelodySusie!

    Stylist & Reviewer

    As a makeup artist, I am always looking for different ways to organize supplies that I have to carry with me. I am also usually carrying too much of my own personal makeup, and needed a way to carry it more efficiently. This bag has been awesome for carrying my makeup while keeping it organized and safely packed. It's also way larger than any others that I have tried so far, and has more compartments. it has TWENTY THREE! I love the fact that I can hang it so easily, because when I'm using it in the salon, it keeps everything at a great level for me to reach for. I also love that when you hang it, it still keeps it open and level, unlike many models that are zippered compartments that you have to reach down in to. PROS: Really spacious, surprisingly so. Lots of different compartments, which help to organize AND keep my makeup safe while traveling. Design-the bag is a good shape, size, and weight. the compartments inside allow for larger items easily, as well as keeping smaller items organized, and it's ALL easily accessible at all times. Well made-the fabric is obviously good quality, and the stitching is well done. This bag feels and look durable. It's also got the 'internal water resistant material' meaning that if something spills inside the bag, it wont leak out, and vice versa. Thats a nice little bonus feature that I have not seen in other toiletry bags. All in all, I have NOT found any CONS to this bag yet, and I genuinely would recommend it to others.


    Received it a day earlier than expected. Super pretty colors