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    Mother's Day Gift Guide: More Than Just Saying I Love You

    05 May 2017 by - MelodySusie

    When was the last time your mom did her nails? Has she stopped caring about her nails and self-care just to have more time to take care of the family?



    On this Mother’s Day, rather than just saying I love you, there is so more we can do for our mothersand giving her a home manicure is a great place to start.

    For great tips about home manicures, you can check out our previous blog post.

    6 Simple Steps For a Professional Home Manicure

    After seeing the difference before and after doing her nails, we are sure your mom will be smiling about it for weeks.

    By doing her nails, you are not only giving her a pretty manicure, but are also enhancing the connection between you and your mother. Research has shown that physical touch has been proven to non-verbally communicate positive emotions like joy, love, gratitude, and sympathy. And for long-term wellbeing, it has been proven that touch is as important as food and security.

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    Other than a fun and pretty manicure, you can also express your appreciation to your mom by making her life easier. Here are a few gift suggestions:

    2017 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

    Large Capacity Acrylic Makeup Organizer

    Cleaning and organizing is the last thing your mom should be doing on Mother's Day. Help her tidy up her cosmetics and giving her the dream battle station.

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    Japanese Silk Long Curly Hair Wigs

    Play around with some fun new wigs and relive the old days of dress-up! Your mom will love her new luscious locks.

    Enter code 6Y2CEGAX and save $14 now (limited time only)! There are more hair styles available to choose.

    MelodySusie cares about you and the one you love. For the gifts you choose, we will deliver your gift right to your mom's doorstep, free of charge, almost anywhere across the globe. We hope our products and service make life a little bit easier and more beautiful for your mom.

    In the end, we wish all the moms a “Happy Mother’s Day!”

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    4 Replies


    I've been using melodysusie gel polishes for one year and I really love the colors and they almost last for like 2 weeks which is my favorite.


    The video is quite touching... it reminds me of how hard my mom took care of the family...agree that my story would not be possible without her... Happy mother's Day to all moms!


    Love the wig idea!! My mum really need to try some new hair styles~~


    Wondering what to give to my mom this year.. the makeup organizer seems a good idea, she really needs it for her station...