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    MelodySusie Behind The Scenes Photoshoot – 2017 Spring/Summe...

    25 May 2017 by - MelodySusie

    Last year, MelodySusie was honored to have 3 amazing models, Viki, Nastya, and Christina, shoot for our Party Queen Collection (Click here for more pictures). This year, we have 3 more gorgeous models, Chris, Alina, and Kristin coming to shoot for our 2017 Spring/Summer 1-Step Gel Collections, including:

    Timeless Muse – Carefully chosen from thousands of popular shades, six gorgeous nude colors are chosen: Pink Rouge, Light Peach, Warm Taupe, Bordeaux, Beige, and Caramel Brown.

    Monet’s Palette – Inspired by theimpressionist works of Claude Monet, the collection contains 6 colors found in nature: Poppy, Pinecone, Iris, Nymph, Greenery, and Matin

    Infinite Nude – For any skin tone, there is a nude color for it. To discover the infinite possibilities for every woman, we chose for the collection: Lavender, Peachblow, Pearl, Mocha, Marsala, and Slate.

    Kaleidoscope – Change is the essence of fashion. These are our most unique colors yet, as they changes color with your body temperature and the environment.  

    And don’t forget our best seller:

    Sweet Reverie

    Ok, let’s get back to the photoshoot.

    This is Chris, getting ready for the Sweet Reverie gel shoot.


    Getting the nails ready! 

    Featuring:  Marsala, MelodySusie Infinite Nude Collection


    Featuring: MelodySusie Sweet Reverie Collection


    This is Chris, modeling for Sweet Reverie.


    This is Alina, feeling like summer is already here on the beach set. 


    Here is Katrina, with greenery nails from MelodySusie Monet’s Palette Collection.  She looks like a painting with that perfect makeup. 


    You can also view a full version of what’s behind the scenes here: 



     If you liked the photoshoot and can’t wait to try our colors, visit our Amazon storeWe are here for you!

    For any questions about our newly released gel collections, leave us a comment or email us:

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    2 Replies


    Wow, this is cool! Love MelodySusie gel nail series.


    cant believe the model alina has the same name as mine. Love the shooting, looks awesome.. especially the last smile is my fav!