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    MelodySusie 1st Manicure Party!

    16 June 2017 by - MelodySusie

    MelodySusie hosted our 1st ever manicure party at Jonna’s house, one of the staff members here at MelodySusie. Jonna invited 7 of her closest friends over to paint nails, eat cupcakes and drink Aperol spritzers (more on those later!)
    The party was a ton of fun and really informative! All the girls, regardless of their experience level, learned something new about manicures. If you are thinking of hosting a party of your own, here’s how it all went down:
    Girls arrived around 7pm and we started setting out all of the awesome MelodySusie products that we would be using for the evening. Bonus: Jonna’s crystal ball! 
    It didn’t take long for the champagne to get popped! We drank Aperol spritzers, which is easily the most perfect summer drink. You can find a recipe listed below. 

    Two of the guests, Kelly and Liv, own a small cupcake business and they showed up with salted caramel and chocolate cupcakes. Yum! 


    Jonna gave everyone a brief rundown of the products and how to use them. Most of the girls had had gel polish on their nails before, but they always had it done in a salon. Everyone was pretty excited to try it out on their own. 

    Then we were down to business! Girls started prepping their nails and testing out the colors on some nail swatches before applying them to their own nails. 
    Although basecoat and topcoat are not required for the 1-step gel, you can still apply for a better and longer lasting shine.
    Once the nails were prepped, the hardest part was honestly trying to decide which color to use! This time, we brought 7 collections, a total of 48 colors. Too many options, so little time!  Here we provide you with some advice on choosing your color:
    For a summer and spring color, you can choose Sweet Reverie and Monet's Palette
    - For a darker color, you can try Lux Classics and Party Queen
    - For a color that will look fashionable all year long, you can choose our nude colors, Timeless Muse and Infinite Nude
    - If you still cannot decide, try our color-changing collection, Kaleidoscope. It changes color with temperate, you can see the actual effect on our Instagram video.

    Poppy, Monet’s Palette Collection

    After decide on the color, we got to painting. 

    Jen had some intense focus going on.  

    Some of us needed a little help…  

    Sami examining her work of art. 

    Lastly, it wouldn’t be mani party without some spirit fingers!

    By the end of the night, everyone had a great a mani and a little buzz. If you want to hold your own party like this, here are the basics for what you’ll need:

    - 1 (or more) LED/UV nail dryers (1 lamp for every 3-4 people)

    - A few Nail Gel Polish sets

    - Gel Polish Top/Base Coat

    - Acetone & cotton swabs

    - Nail file

    - Orange sticks

    - Lots of cupcakes and Drinks

    Thinking about buying the above? Now we have a good news for you. We will be hosting a Summer Giveaway next week and will give away nail lamp, gel polishes, and nail drill, everything you need for a beautiful manicure. So stay tuned with MelodySusie.

    Have an idea to share or have a question about hosting your own mani party, leave us a comment or email us

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