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    Lucky Nail Designs for St. Patrick’s Day

    17 March 2017 by - MelodySusie

    St. Patrick’s Day is on March 17, and many think of it as the luckiest day of the year. Once a traditional Irish holiday, it’s now widely celebrated by people around the world. But before you go out for green Guinness and Riverdancing, check out some tutorials and inspiration for St. Paddy’s-themed nail art.  

    Make sure you stick around until the end of this post for an opportunity to put all of that Irish luck to good use towards winning some awesome prizes!

    Luck of the Irish
    When it comes to the legendary four-leaf clover, you have two choices.

    1: Dirty your nails by spending hours digging around for the elusive sprout.

    2: Paint one on your pristine nails, look amazing while sipping an appletini in an Irish pub. 

    The choice seems clear to us. :D

    Source: Instagram @majikbeenz

    Irish Pride

    For those of you with deeper ethnic or national ties to St. Patrick’s Day, try this Irish-flag design. It’s certainly a lot easier than trying to paint the fifty stars and thirteen stripes of an American flag on your nails!



    Subtly St. Paddy’s
    You can still go green-themed without your design being overtly tied to St. Patrick’s Day. Check out this simple yet elegant polka-dot look in three shades of green. 


    Tutorial— “Pot of Gold” by MelodySusie 

    We made a simple yet beautiful design tutorial especially for all of our readers. We call it “pot of gold”. It’s solid green on four fingers with a single gold nail featuring an eye-catching clover.

    Watch on Youtube

    Tutorial—St. Patrick’s Day Nail Art by MissJJan
    Here’s a great set of tutorials that features FIVE different St. Patrick’s Day designs.

    Watch on Youtube

    For perfect St. Patrick’s Day nail art, you’ll need a couple of things:

    -          Green nail gel polish (preferably a few different shades)

    -          A professional-quality nail drying lamp

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    Thank you for reading, and a very happy St. Patrick’s day to you all. Leave us a comment, we would love to hear from you!

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