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    7 Tips for Choosing the Right E-File (Bonus At The End)

    28 June 2017 by - MelodySusie

    E-files, a.k.a. nail drills, are flooding market these days, which makes it very difficult to decide which one to buy. MelodySusie have taken the time to narrow down all the details to 7 factors you need to pay attention to when making a purchase. Each person will prioritize these factors differently according to their needs, so as you read, remember to keep in mind what you’ll mainly be using your drill for. 


    The speed of each drill is identified by RPMs (revolutions per minute) and there is a general rule that you shouldn’t bother with anything less than 25,000 rpms. Anything less than this might lock up when filing acrylics. However, if you are looking for a portable, cordless drill to use on-the-go, it’s perfectly okay to get something with a little less power.

    Pro Tip: Nail experts recommend keeping speeds at 15,000 RPMs on the natural nail and cuticle area. Use a high speed for shortening tips, medium speed for smoothing acrylic applications, and the slowest speed for work on natural nails. 


    E-Files can be noisy, especially if you have more than one in a room, so pay close attention to reviews and comments to see if e-file is quiet. Check out Youtube for some video reviews of the product so you can see it first-hand. 




    The handpiece size is really important for nail professionals that will be using one of these drills for many hours a day. Generally, choose a handpiece that is slim and lightweight so it can fit in your hand nicely and won’t weigh you down. Also check reviews to see if there is any vibration in the handpiece, which can be a nuisance while you work. 



    The knob on the front of the machine should be easy to adjust without interrupting your work flow. Some professionals prefer to use a foot pedal so they can adjust speeds without stopping, but this requires the drill to be a bit more stationary. 



    If you need to travel with your drill or take it to clients’ homes, you may want to consider a rechargeable nail drill. This kind of drill might have less power than the standard ones, but you’ll have more freedom of movement without the cord. Just make sure to check the battery life and charge times. 


    You’ll need to replace your nail drill bits about every four months, so make sure that the drill accepts standard sized drill bits. Most drills will come with a standard set of bits, but if you’ll be working with natural nails, make sure they provide a mandrel and several sanding bands.

    Check out this great video by Suzie from Nail Career Education for more info on how to choose and use drill bits. 


    Accidents happen and sometimes drills have problems. Check that the manufacturer has a warranty and learn how you can get your nail drill fixed if you have a problem with it. Nail techs that use their professional nail drills for business should consider buying more than one machine in case they have to send one out for repairs.

    Pro Tip: To get the most out of your drill and to prevent any infections, make sure to practice good hygiene habits after use. Clean and sterilize drill bits after every procedure, following manufacturer’s instructions, and be sure to soak bits for at least 20 minutes. Wipe them dry with a clean cloth or let them dry naturally. For the handpiece, use a soft cloth to brush away dust from your nail drill or use an aerosol cleansing duster to remove particles from cracks and crevices.


    MelodySusie currently offers 3 different e-files to suit every kind of user. Our Standard Drill , with an RPM of 20,000, is best for newbies or people on the go. It’s super compact and easy to pack. On sale for $ 19.99.  Click picture below for more details.

    The Sharpe drill is one-step up from that. It’s fully rechargable still, so it packs the power, but doesn’t pin you down to one place. It has the fastest RPM of 25,000. It is cordless and can work up to 8 hours with a charging time between 1.5-2 hours. Price $119.99. Click picture below for more details.

    Finally, the Shine drill has the advantages of both Standard Drill and Sharpe Drill It is rechargeable and has similar power to the Sharpe drill, but is a little bigger with a better grip on the handpiece, so it’s best used at a manicure station. It also has a much affordable price than Sharpe , ideal choice if you are under a tight budget. On sale for $49.99. Click picture below for more details.

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