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    6 Best Pastel Colors for Easter Holidays

    13 April 2017 by - MelodySusie

    Easter Holiday is here, meaning that Spring is officially here! Thinking about a good Easter Holiday color? How about trying MelodySusie Sweet Reverie 1-Step Gel, containing 6 amazing macaron colors. It is on sale for only $19.99, a limited offer only for the Easter Holiday!

    We have also prepared a fun egg-cracking game for you to find out which color is your Easter color!

    The 6 colors are carefully chosen from thousands of colors based on the research of Pantone Institute and the colors are perfect for the spring time. Each color also represents a unique personality. Here are the colors and their corresponding personalities! Find yours among the lovely colors.

    Violet Dream – Compassion, Free Spirit, Individualism


    Golden Wheat – Positivity, Brightness, Spontaneity


    Honey Peach – Loving, Kindness, Generosity


    Spring Green: Hope, Nature, Intelligence


    Rose Hermosa – Joy, Sweetness, Freshness


    Sky Blue – Creativity, Peach, Sincerity

    Wondering what nail designs can you do with these lovely and sweet colors? MelodySusie will show you a nail DIY tutorial that is easy to do at home! In the tutorial, we will show you how to draw a bunny, and a combination of flowery shapes on nails. We use the Sweet Reverie 1-Step gels, which does not require top or base coat, and can be efficiently cured in 30 seconds using our MelodySusie LED nail lamps.


    Click Here For Full Video

    To find out more pretty Easter Nail designs, you can read:

    Easter Nail Art Color Choices

    What are you waiting for? Join our Crack An Egg and Get A Surprise game and find out your Easter Color, and get a special discount for our Sweet Reverie 1-Step Gel.

    Click Here To Enter.

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    4 Replies


    My friend recommended this to me and I got this collection from Amazon. Can't wait to try them!


    The video is quite useful~especially how to draw the lines,,it turned out that you draw multiple dots then connect them. I think that is a great trick to learn!


    I like the sweet colors, i may get the honey peach for my Easter Dinner~~


    Great colors! Mine is golden wheat, i think the personality is somehow match with mine...